Glimpses of the Tao

Peter Levitov & Cris Coleman

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Improvisational meditative sonic medicine merging ancient strings, cosmic steel sound sculptures, and the ethereal breath.

Album Notes: This album began through a chance meeting between Cris and Peter as Peter was busking in downtown Asheville. Cris invited Peter to the studio, and they soon discovered that they both approach improvisation as a sacred practice. So after one long day of pure magic, having just met, they were delighted to discover a full album of beautiful music channeled from the infinite Source. The medicine of this music was clear through its creation and became more clear after nearly a year of careful mixing and mastering devotion by Cris. Stephane was a clear and natural fit to add the depth of his practice as inspirational improvisational icing on top of this mystical cake. We give deep gratitude and thanks to all the Ancestors for this gift of life and depth of wisdom.

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