Dark Water

Peter Levitov & Friends

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This album was first and foremost inspired by exploration and the power of community. During 6 years of living in the swamp lands of Gainesville Florida, many a night was spent around a camp fire, interacting with beautiful and often random musicians. This is the only place on earth I have found accordion, banjo, cello, upright bass, over-tone singing, didgeridoo, djembe, latin percussion, flute, violin, harmonica, piano, melodica, vocalists of all kinds and much more, all around one circle making unified sounds of extraordinary sensitivity.

I was so moved by these sacred moments, offered and lost, like sand mandalas to the wind, that in Feb of 2012, I decided to host 3 weeks at my dear friend Eric Cronstien's studio, The Tone Shoppe, in Columbus Ohio, to attempt to record some of these magic soundscapes. The beauty of Eric's studio, aside form him being an exceptional engineer and producer, is that we were all able to live and sleep there together, staying immersed in the process 24/7.

In the studio, some of my favorite Floridian musicians and close friends joined me, to sink into a sense of openness to try to create an album that captured the depth and sweet spontinaity of the fire circle potlucks back in Gainesville. Going into the studio we had no idea what would come, and as the days moved on, the compositions began to emerge bit by bit.

I believe the result is a heart centered, unique, and intuitive exploration of the nature of self, unity, and community.

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    Hu 4:59
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    Sink 8:28
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    Rise 4:12